Artist Statement


“There is something sinister and disturbing in the ambiguous beings that are born from the pencil of Jill Tegan Doherty, yet it is hard to look away from her canvases, as if a magnetic force was pushing us to ask ourselves what the images could mean.  It is from the real mental short-circuits and the fascination with the reflections of the human subconscious that this young British artist, not yet thirty years old draws her inspiration.”


(Artist Review ‘Anatomy of a Thought’, published in KiT Magazine, January 2013 issue, by Lidia Casari)

Dohertys work up to now has been filled with twisted geological forms and unnerving combinations of the human and animal. The uncertain and unseen are provided with a visual platform to be physically digested, the canvas becomes a stage for the subconscious to act out its twisted plays. Dohertys paintings present us with a curious and delectable dish that will not necessarily be smoothly digested nor nourish its spectator. Her work speaks to us of the human condition and our place in the world.


The strength of natures beauty is clearly captured through Doherty's responsive use of colour and attention to detail. Physical instability surfaces within the work through an almost playful act, strongly pronounced with the use of metaphorical animal and bird heads morphed with human figures. The work not only crosses the line between natures creatures but also the line between the corporeal, ethereal, conscious and unconscious states of being. Dipping into this realm, in which representation and fantasy meld, this artist emerges with unsettling images of a fragile and rare beauty.


© 2015 by Jill Tegan Doherty.