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The Sound of Moths | 2021 – 23

Moths are drenched and punctured in ancient symbolism. It’s believed they bear hidden knowledge, invoking internal transformation as well as signifying death. As shy, nocturnal creatures, it’s curious that they are drawn to light and luminescence in near compulsion, achingly following the breath and hum of eventide glow. They appear to have a resolute commitment to follow the light's allure as though it were their profound existential duty. For me, this symbolism ignites a potent and vital image, summoning devoted serenity, awe, and heaviness, lying in wait on the precipice of metamorphosis; the outcome unknown. 


The moth's reticent, dyadic existence animates within this life and from one beyond. The Sound of Moths petition us to listen acutely and reverently, touching the untouchable place within our consciousness and shining a low-lit light over unfamiliar otherworldly terrain.


This series of drawings flutters and agitates the technique of automatism, a transcendental state where diffident fragments of subconscious memory are evoked. Allegories meet the paper-thin wings of these crepuscular beings, discourse is elevated and imagery that eclipses our individual experience becomes palpable. Unfurling from the mind’s timid shadows, the moth’s archetypal light guides us in primordial animal instinct. The greatest findings are unearthed during the process of seeking something which is outside ourselves and what we already know to exist.



Written by Jill Tegan Doherty

Edited by Dr. Estelle Hoy

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