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Drawings by Candlelight | 2017

This series of drawings was created at Thurup Hus,  a  Danish residency I was awarded  in 2017 on the island of Fyn, it was funded by Assens Arts Council and organised by Jørgen Svenstrup. I stayed alone in an early 18th century house that had been renovated back to its original form, lovingly restored over the course of a decade by Eric Larson. A local artist, named Børge Thurup (1917 - 2005) used to live there, tending to his animals, and known for his operatic bursts. Restored to its original beauty and era, there was no running water, electricity or heating. I lived very contently for 1 month from the land and fire (for heat and light). Luckily they had built an outhouse with running water and a fridge. I spent the evenings by the warmth and light of the fire, with only shadows and the sounds of nature for company. I absolutely loved stepping away from technology for this time, these drawings were made in the evenings, lit only by candlelight.


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