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The Shape of Death

Gudbergnerger Gallery, Poolstr. 8, Hamburg

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Taut Haus

Exhibition with Belarmino Varela de Barros

Kunst im Taut Haus, Parchimer Allee 85b, 12359 Berlin

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In humane

Exhibition with Ivan Prieto

[Kunst] PROJEKTE, Lange Rotterstrasse 68, 68167 Mannheim


Ornamental Stature

Exhibition with Ivan Prieto

The datGalerie, Savigny Platz, 2015, Berlin

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The Berliner Liste

Postbanhof, 2014, Berlin

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The Forgotten Few

Space Shuffle gallery, 2014, Berlin 

An Absence of Hares

The PPC Gallery, 2014, Berlin.


Nothing Was Put in Place to Stop The Growth

Porcelaingres Gallery, 2012, Berlin

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