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Hungry Lungs | 2019 – 2020

Change is life’s inevitable companion; devoted to one another - a symbiosis. Shifts can take place rapidly, monumentally or cursory, propelling nature into a continual state of adaptation; an ineffable metamorphosis. What may first appear as misfortune transmutes and divides, compelling one to change position, to grow, to acquire: to evolve. Change triples its image, urging us to capitalise on an opportunity to learn, both subjectively and on a broader political scale. 

Change destabilizes, provokes, heightens our fears and anxieties as our animal passions flare up in fight or flight. Incubating on a phenomenology of panic we seek escape from the psychic torture of realities we find intolerable; libidinal energy shifts to resist rupture and manage the unbearable. The same ideological gloss is seen in its inversion: sudden change releases us, severing our attachment to the Imaginary. Stagnation is agitated and we embrace its vertigo in dialectical prefiguration.  

Hungry Lungs speaks to the unforeseen, a staggering rhetorical shift that generates a primitive craving for the familiar. A cathexis towards the before. The work confronts us, provokes us with eyes of examination whilst simultaneously offering a departure from the every day.  We’re invited to explore new environments, exuberantly budding, diving head first into a change that births us into existence.  



Written by Jill Tegan Doherty

Edited by Dr. Estelle Hoy

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