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Photo credit | Karoline Noerbaek


Jill Tegan Doherty, born in 1983 in Nottingham, England, emerges as an artist characterised by a versatile and multifaceted trajectory. Her artistic education commenced with a merit received during her foundation course at the Kingston school of Art in 2003, followed by her graduation from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2006—a prominent constituent of the London Institute. Currently based in Berlin, Doherty’s artistic ingenuity shines through her fluid command of diverse mediums, effortlessly transitioning between forms and materials. While painting remains her core identity, her work extends to encompass sculpture, installation, performance, drawing, and etching.


The early phase of Doherty’s career in London was punctuated by her notable participation in exhibitions hosted at esteemed venues, including The Royal Academy’s summer exhibition and The Mall Galleries for the Society of Women Artists annual exhibition. A pivotal juncture arose with her move to Berlin in 2011, a shift that resonated in her subsequent presence within the German art scene, evident through her participation in exhibitions and art fairs across leading German cities, including Berlin, Hamburg, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Munich, and Cologne.


From 2017 to 2022, Doherty was represented by the Gudberg Nerger Gallery in Hamburg, a period that highlighted her unique artistic voice. Her influence has extended internationally, reaching Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands. In 2017, Doherty’s residency at Thurup Hus in Denmark, funded by the Assens Arts Council, brought an enriching dimension to her creative pursuit. A recent residency in Mexico further catalysed a significant evolution in her work, enhancing the complexity of her already multi-layered creations. Doherty’s artworks resonate as reflective portals, inviting viewers to embark on introspective reveries while igniting unbounded imagination. Her art operates as a conduit, guiding viewers into the intricate realms of the unconscious, fostering a profound journey of exploration.

Artist Statement

"I’m interested in the ongoing mutations of the individual and social unconscious, that which we observe and inhabit. Presently it’s a historical threshold marked by technology, viruses’, existential unrest, nature with human fingerprints, and ultimately the loss of our primal and biological connection to the earth. The ideology of humanity is dissolving, leaving behind a primeval quest for re-connection to something familiar, something raw, and real. Automatism plays an integral role within my practice. There’s a purpose to this process; however, no prior intention, elements from the subconscious transcend onto the paper or canvas, liberating what lies hidden.


I paint because I have to, it’s a part of me. It’s as if my work and unconscious reveal themselves in studied randomness. Upon reflection of a completed series, all the things laid buried and unaware to me are staring back, becoming corporeal images to critique. The unconscious divulges our deepest hurts and fears, our belief in symmetry and hope, as well as presenting and unearthing archetypal icons and symbolism, an integral part of being human. I find myself overwhelmed by beauty. I see it all around, in the smallest details, in the most obscure places, sounds, unexpected patterns that other people don’t seem to notice. My work unveils the tension of opposites, the inescapable duality of existence: love-hate, death-life, magnificent-grotesque, light-dark, but it’s also a pilgrimage into what lies between these polarities. When I look at my work at the end, I see, unexpectedly, the complexity of the human psyche, the internal screams of anguish, and the screams of piercing delicacy. And this is the space my art occupies. Jorge Luis Borges perfectly encapsulates: “Idealist doctrine has it that the verbs “to live” and “to dream” are at every point synonymous; for me, thousands upon thousands of appearances will pass into one.”



1983        Born in Bristol, England.

1985        Family moved to Nottingham.

2002-03   Completed the Art Foundation course with a Merit at Kingston Institute,

                Kingston Upon Thames, GB.

2003-06   Completed the Fine Art (BA HONS) at Chelsea University of the Arts with a 2:1, London, GB

2009-11   Co- founder and curator at TO and FOR Gallery in Archway, London.

                Hosting exhibitions, artist talks and art workshops, TO and FOR went on to become a

                registered charity and ran for two years, funded by the Cripple Gate foundation

2011        Moved to Berlin

2015        Completed an etching course, taught by Peter Schulz Leonhardt at Werkstatt Künstlerische

                Lithographie, Berlin, DE

Solo exhibitions

2023        The Sound of Moths GlogauAIR | Berlin, DE

2020        Hungry Lungs, Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Hamburg, DE  

2018        The Forest As An Alternate Kingdom Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Hamburg, DE  

                Crystallisation of Thought, Asklepios Medical School, Hamburg, DE

2017        The Shape of Death Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Hamburg, DE

2014        An Absence of Hares The PPC Galerie, Berlin, DE  

                The Forgotten Few Space Shuffle Projekt Raum, Berlin, DE 

2013        Nothing Was Put in Place to Stop the Growth Porcelaingres Galerie, Berlin, DE 

2012        MeSH (D020188) (Einzelausstellung) Holtz Kohlen Koks Galerie, Berlin, DE 

2008        If I Were Blind I Could See Austin Gallery, London, GB



Group exhibitions (selection)

2023         Salon no. 4, Galerie Christine Knauber, Schöneberg, Berlin, DE    

2021         October Edition, KIB Raum für Kunst, Arena, Treptower, Berlin, DE

2020        Salon No.3, Galerie Christine Knauber, Schöneberg, Berlin, DE

                Fabelhaft, Ratskeller Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst – Lichtenberg, Berlin, DE

                Der Weg Allen Fleisches, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin Mitte, DE

2019        Ausstellung Tag der Druckkunst, Werkstatt Künstlerische Lithographie, Berlin, DE

2018        Playground, Insel Galerie, Friedrichshain, Berlin, DE

                Das Tier, Galerie Christine Knauber, Schöneberg, Berlin, DE

                Stockholm Art Week, The Enter Art Foundation, Epicentre, Stockholm, SE

2017        Synthesis, Gallery X, Rungsted, Kopenhagen, DK

                Und#9 Verein UND Plattform Karlsruhe.e.V, Dragoner Kaserne, Karlsruhe, DE

                Jill Tegan Doherty & Belarmino Varela De Barros, TAUT HAUS, Berlin, DE

2016        Naturell Galerie ICON, curated by We Art Berlin, Mitte, Berlin, DE

                In humane [Kunst] PROJEKTE, Mannheim, DE

2015        We are all Human Galerie Blond & Blond Contemporary, Mitte, Berlin DE

                Equinox The Ballery, Berlin, DE

                Ornamental Stature Dat Galerie, Berlin, DE

2013        Trace of Existence The Cellar Gallerie, Berlin, DE

2011        Live Art Review Liebig12 Galerie, Berlin, DE

                Patisserie Valerie September Show Patisserie Valerie, London. GB 

                The Persona Arts Festival The Rag Factory,  London, GB

                Beasts Royal The Last Tuesday Society, curated by Alice Herrick, London, GB  

2010        Millennium The Millennium Gallery, curated by The House of Fairy Tales, St.Ives, Cornwall, GB

2009        The Horn of Plenty The last Tuesday Society, curated by The House of Fairytales, London, GB

                Light is Elsewhere Madame Lillies Gallery, London, GB

                Altermodernism The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-Super-Mare, GB




Art Fairs​


2022        The Discovery Art Fair, XPOST Cologne, Germany, DE 

2022        Huntenkunst Kunstmesse, The Old Iron Factory, Die Niederlande, NL 

2019        Positions Kunstmesse, Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin, DE

2018        Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Gudberg Nerger gallery, Hamburg Messe, Hamburg, DE

2016        Arte 16 Kunst Messe, Sindelfingen Messe,, Stuttgart, DE

2015        Berliner Liste 2015 Kunstmesse, Kraftwerk, Berlin, DE

2014        Berliner Liste 2014 Kunstmesse, Postbanhof, Berlin, DE

                Huntenkunst Kunstmesse The Old Iron Factory, Die Niederlande, NL 

2011        The Affordable Art Fair der Sphere Galerie representiert, Battersea Park, London, GB

2008        Prelude Art Fair Spitalfields Market, London, GB




Selection in competitions​​

2011        Live Art Review, Selected for the Live-Art Review, Liebig12 Gallery, Berlin, DE

                Persona Art Festival, Selected for final exhibition, The Rag Factory, London, GB

2010        A Moving Exhibition, Selected for exhibitions in 3 London based Galleries, GB

2009        The Society of Women Artists, The Mall Galleries, London, GB

                The Tomorrow People, 1 of 9 finaslists selected for an exhibition at The Elevator Gallery,

                London, GB

2008        The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, selected for exhibition at The Royal Academy, 

                London, GB

                Surreal September, selected for the final exhibition at The Art Works Gallery,

                Newcastle upon Thames, GB





2020        Art work publication, Bluebee Magazine Volume 5 Hyacinth, Editor in chief Stefan Finsinger, GB      

2019        Artist feature, Gudberg Nerger magazine News from the nonestablishment,

                published by Gudberg Nerger, DE

2017        Art Work Publication, Uric Acid, blood pressure, and gout management:

                Beneath the surface, Doctoral Thesis publication by Lieke Scheepers.

                (Image from the Crystallisation of Thought project)

2014        Art Work publication, The Lumen edition 1:2014, edited by Kim Ah-See/Jennifer

                Allen/Muireann Crowley/Richard Dargie/Francesca Heard, Edinburgh, GB

2014        Review ‘Berlin Kunst Woche: Kunstmesse "Berliner Liste" im Postbahnhof', Der Tagesspiegel,

                Angela Hohmann, Berlin DE

2013        Published Artist Review ‘Anatomy of a Thought’,  KiT Magazine, Lidia Casari  IT

2012        Online Exhibition Review ‘Nothing Was Put in Place Stop the Growth’ Slow Travel Berlin,

                Natalie Holmes DE

2011        Interview, ‘In Conversation with the founders of TO AND FOR Gallery: Jill Tegan Doherty and

                Harriet Jones’, Ideas Tap, Naomi O’Leary, London GB




2020-21   Organised by the artist, residence in Mexico City and San Miguel De Allende, MX

2017        Selected as the Artist in residence for Thurup House, Supported by Assens council, Assens,

                Denmark, DK

2010        Open Air Open Studios Residency, Pangolins Ark, In Clissold Park, London, GB

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