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I am proud to be a founding member and artist with Baby Forest. Baby Forest is a creative colony founded by creators for creators. A colony of creators building new ways, with new tools, to deliver creative output. Built on talent and excellence, Baby Forest is by invitation only, aiming to build a multi-disciplinary colony of talented creators. The objective is to support and encourage creativity and empower the creator.


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The Enter Art Foundation is a foundation set up to provide emerging artists with a global stage. Their concept is based on a new and unconventional approach and is dedicated to the world of young art with the primary focus being to support artists.




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The Gudberg Nerger Gallery in Hamburg is a multidisciplinary think tank, they develop concepts and campaigns for transmedia communication. From conception to design to production. From print to film. From the idea to the finished product. For brands, companies, artists, thinkers and makers. They run a design studio, publishing house, gallery and magazine shop in Hamburg, Germany.


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ArtwIsta's mission is to discover for the public, curators and collectors young talented artists and also to present art works from more renowned artists. On Artwista you can find exciting and fresh new works from contemporary artists, as well as follow, share and collect your favorite artists. There is a selection committe to ensure a high quality on the art that they exhibit.


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