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Ornamental Stature | 2015

Ornamental Stature is series of paintings exploring stature within society and our perception of the aesthetic. This series of work presents us with a series of portraits, focusing upon and accentuating the natural beauty of nature, in this case the bird, which has fallen prey to being placed in a humanistic manner. The bird itself representing a society that implements a certain view of how we perceive beauty within our culture. 


There is something striking about a bird’s expression, its piercing stare, darting glances and inquisitiveness. For centuries birds have been used to symbolize freedom, however, within these works the bird is shown completely out of its usual natural habitat, being forced to take on a human persona. The bird’s gaze invites the viewer to enter its abnormal subsistence. Trapped as a mere ornament on the pedestal of the board upon which it is painted, just as society is trapped within its own images of stature and aesthetic.


The bird is laden with human significance and birds continue to provide a starting point for more unrestrained flights of the imagination.


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